Singapore holiday preschool programme

During the December holidays, LiteracyPlus conducted the Young Explorers’ Holiday Programme for children at Al-Istighfar Kindergarten.

In this thematic holiday programme, children were introduced to a specific theme on each day of the course. Poems, books and short articles were used to provide children with background knowledge about the topic. Other activities included fun art and craft, writing and speech & drama activities. The children were excited, keen to learn and actively engaged throughout the whole programme!

Theme: The History of Ice Cream

Activities included:

  • learning the history of ice cream and types of ice cream
  • presenting a choral recitation
  • designing and colouring their own ice cream
  • making ice cream and eating it!
Theme: Wild About Bugs!

Activities during the programme included:

  • learning about bugs and insects
  • working on hands-on activities to understand the differences between bugs and insects
  • observing a mealworm and learning about its life cycle
  • examining crickets and caterpillars
  • making biscuit “bugs” and eating them
Theme: Walking With Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs was also a favourite theme with the children.

Activities during this part of the programme included:

  • learning about the different types of dinosaurs
  • using descriptive words to describe dinosaurs
  • presenting a choral recitation
  • making a Stegosaurus spine craft


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