Tip #1

Gather story ideas from reading the news

Read the news daily for story ideas, or at least skim through the headlines. For example, the following news stories would be relevant content for a compo prompt on courage:

  • Students who helped boy trapped under car receives SCDF awards
  • SCDF officers to the rescue as flood waters rise
  • 78-year-old woman fights off armed robber at convenience store



Tip #2

Flesh out the climax

Make sure your climax is engaging and has sufficient detail.

Did you…

  • include your characters’ feelings, actions and thoughts?
  • use the five senses (beyond sight) to paint a vivid scene?
  • break down important actions into smaller steps?

Negative Example: The robber demanded for money.

Positive Example: One of the burly men fished a gun out of his baggy pockets and pointed it at the shopkeeper’s forehead. Advancing slowly towards the shaking shopkeeper, he roared, “Fill my bag up now!”



Tip #3

Use figurative language

Use the acronym MS HIP to help liven up your writing.

  • Metaphors: The classroom became a zoo once Ms Lee left.
  • Similes: He avoided the water like the plague.
  • Hyperbole: Old Mr Ong has been working here since the Stone Age.
  • Idioms: Our star player had fallen sick at the eleventh hour.
  • Personification: Fear robbed me of my words.



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