Writing Programmes

P1 Head Start to Writing

  • Progresses from sentence- to paragraph-writing
  • Writing complete sentences, writing descriptively
  • A variety of Story Starters and Story Endings

P2 I Can Write!

  • Writing descriptively, showing and not telling
  • Interesting Story Starters, satisfying Story Endings
  • Progressive and scaffolded learning

I really liked the way Mrs Jaya taught us to write good story starters, super sentences and good story endings. I wish there were more lessons and would like Mrs Jaya to teach us again.
Zahirah, 2-6
Punggol Primary School

P3 Improving Writing Skills

  • Important story elements (Setting, Characters, Plot, Point of View)
  • Story structure (Hamburger Analogy)
  • Interesting Story Starters, developed Story Middle, satisfying Story Endings

I really liked the programme. It helped me to learn good phrases and words. Thank you, Mrs Chua, for teaching us.
Reese, 3CH
Geylang Methodist School (Primary)

P3–P4 Creative Writing & Thumbprint Art Publishing

  • Publishing individual writing journals
  • Compositions accompanied by thumbprint art
  • Writing descriptively, writing poetry

I really liked decorating my writing journal and doing the thumbprint art.  I also liked my teacher.  She is funny and understanding.
Ming Xuan, 3Grace
CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity

P4 Composition Writing

  • Springboards to Writing (HP): quality children’s literature to model good writing and introduce literary devices
  • Enhancing Writing Skills (MP): showing and not telling, clear three-part story structure
  • Essential Writing Skills (LP): parts of speech, complete sentences, writing ‘super’ sentences, Starters and Endings

Our teacher is nice and understanding. She helped me to pass my exam.
Aniq Eazra, 4-3
Griffiths Primary School

P4–P5 Writing With Mentor Texts

  • Analyse and discuss pieces from acclaimed children’s authors
  • Introduction to 6 Traits Writing (Idea Development, Story Structure, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Writing Conventions)
  • Short, focused and comprehensive writing exercises

P4–P6 Using Drama as a Springboard to Writing

  • Drama activities such as role play and mime
  • Visualise characters and scenes, generate vocabulary, create interesting storylines
  • Differentiated materials for HP, MP, LP and Foundation pupils

I learned how role play, tableau and thought tracking can help me write better compositions. I now know to use different words to describe different emotions in my writing.
Afiqah, 5C
Xingnan Primary School

P5 Composition Writing

  • Steps to Writing (HP): purposeful dialogue, linking words and phrases, using an editing checklist
  • Kids Can Write (MP): showing and not telling, vivid verbs and interesting adjectives
  • Write Right! (LP): Starters and Endings, story development, showing sentences
  • Writing Made Easy! (FD): story elements (Setting, Characters, Problem and Solution), roleplay, writing frames

I really liked our instructor. She explained clearly and helped us to write good compositions. I have improved in my writing skills and my marks as well.
Jasmin, JO5
CHIJ (Katong) Primary

P5–P6 Expository Writing

  • Characteristic signal words and structure of the Information Report and the Explanation
  • Introduction to the concept of main idea and supporting details
  • Age-appropriate and stimulating writing topics
  • Hones critical thinking skills

P5–P6 Journalism for Kids

  • Introduction to parts of a newspaper and types of articles
  • Interviewing and note-taking skills
  • Writing and editing news stories and/or feature articles
  • Formatting and publishing team newsletters

During this Journalism class, I became a reporter. I really enjoyed writing the news stories. In the future, I would like to write more stories and become a real reporter.
Shervon, 4.2
Methodist Girls’ School

P6 Composition Writing

  • Writing with Style! (HP): quality children’s literature to teach figurative language, sentence variety, character development
  • Strategic Writing Skills (MP): effective planning, showing and not telling, proofreading
  • Writing Essentials (LP): grammatical sentences, word webs, visualising characters
  • Write Well! (FD): story elements (Setting, Characters, Problem and Solution), Starters and Endings, role play and writing frames

I really liked my instructor. She was kind. She helped us to understand the correct tenses to use in our writing and she would point out the mistakes we made. She gave us lots of useful information.
Huiling, 6/1
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School

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