Reducing the Number of School-based Assessments

P1 & P2

  • Removal of all weighted assessments


  • Removal of the Mid-Year Exam

From P3 to S4/5

  • Schools to conduct no more than one weighted assessment per subject, per school term (this is in addition to the Mid-Year Exam and Year-End Exam)


Refreshing the Holistic Development Profile (Report Book)

P1 & P2

  • Qualitative descriptors will be used to report students’ learning

All Levels

  • Report books will no longer present class and level positions of students
  • Grades will no longer show decimal points
  • Failed subjects will not be underlined or indicated in a different colour


Revising the Criteria of Edusave Academic Awards for Lower Primary

Edusave Merit Bursary for P1 & P2

  • Edusave Merit Bursary (EMB) will be adjusted to award students who consistently demonstrate good learning orientations
  • The monthly household income must not exceed $6,900 (or per capita income not exceed $1,725)
  • Good conduct will continue to be a criterion

Edusave Good Progress Award for P2 & P3

  • Edusave Good Progress Award will be awarded to students who do not qualify for EMB, but who have shown improvement in learning orientations within the year
  • Good conduct will continue to be a criterion