P1 Reading Essentials

  • letter recognition and phonemic awareness of consonants, short vowels and long vowels
  • word families and blending
  • fun rhymes, poems, songs, games, Speech & Drama activities and Readers’ Theatre
During this programme, I enjoyed reading and learnt to read new words by using word families.
Kuman, 1/2Farrer Park Primary School
Primary 1 Reading Essentials - Phonics

P1 Head Start to Reading
(Level 1)

  • word families and common sight words
  • blending sounds and segmenting words
  • Speech & Drama and Readers’ Theatre activities
  • comprehension and short writing exercises
During my class, I really liked acting, reading, singing and playing games.  I want to join the programme again.
Harry, 1JInnova Primary School
Primary 1 Head Start to Reading (Level 1)

P1 Head Start to Reading
(Level 2)

  • thematic lessons
  • vocabulary and basic grammar rules
  • reading comprehension and writing skills
  • development of oral communication skills through Speech & Drama activities
I enjoyed the warm-up activities that we did. I also learnt more about English. Next time I would like the same teacher to teach us again.
Nur Haney Maysara, 1BMadrasah Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiah
Primary 1 Head Start to Reading (Level 2)


Transition to P1

Ease the transition from Kindergarten to Primary 1 with:

  • Bridging for Better Readers: reading comprehension and writing skills, vocabulary and basic grammar rules
  • Bridging for Average Readers: phonemic awareness, blending and emphasis on word families
  • Bridging for Weak Readers: letter recognition and phonemic awareness of consonants or short and long vowels
I liked doing the worksheets and learning about short and long vowels.
Fatris, 2 CareAhmad Ibrahim Primary School

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