If you love LiteracyPlus, refer a new student to us!

Both your child and the new student will enjoy a 10% discount on term fees!

Terms and Conditions:

For Existing Students

1. A registered student who successfully refers a new student for a Term programme will receive 10% discount on the course fee for the following term.

2. The discount is effective when the new student pays the course fee, registration and deposit for the initial term.

3. The new student must not be a sibling of an existing student or an ex-student of LiteracyPlus.

4. New students who are siblings are considered as one referral.

5. A maximum of two discounts (20%) per student may be applied in any one term. Unutilised discounts will be carried forward.

For New Students

1. The new student will receive a 10% discount on the course fee for the initial term.

2. The discount applies to only one new student per family, and it is not applicable to trial lessons.

For both New and Existing Students

1. Discounts are not transferrable, cannot be encashed or exchanged for other benefits in kind, and will expire upon withdrawal.

2. LiteracyPlus reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at its sole discretion without prior notice.