Tip #1

Tape yourself reading aloud

Take note of all punctuation and make sure that you pause where there are commas and full stops. Avoid speaking too softly or too quickly, or speaking in a flat or monotone voice. Read with expression and be sure to articulate words clearly; don’t forget to pronounce the ending sounds of words!


Tip #2

Avoid these commonly mispronounced words:

  • three (three, not tree)
  • mother (mo-ther, not mud-der)
  • children (chil-dren, not chew-ren or cho-dren)
  • women (wim-in, not woo-men)
  • calendar (kal-en-der, not ka-lan-der)
  • photography (fuh-taw-gruh-fee, not foh-toh-grah-fee)
  • flour (flou-er, not flahr)
  • salmon (sam-uhn, not sal-mon)