Tip #1

Know what topics are tested and plan your revision accordingly.

In general, topics can be grouped into 7 categories:

  • Numbers (Whole Numbers; Fractions; Decimals)
  • Measurement (Time; Volume; Area & Perimeter; Rate)
  • Data Analysis (Bar Graphs; Line Graphs; Pie Charts)
  • Geometry (Angles; Nets; Symmetry; Tessellation)
  • Ratio & Percentage
  • Speed
  • Algebra




Tip #2

Do NOT just revise P6 topics.

There is a tendency to focus on what is taught in P6. However, topics covered in P4 and P5 are also tested in the PSLE. For example:

  • P4 – Factors & Multiples
  • P5 – Average

Revise topics taught in P4 and P5 that are not covered in the P6 textbooks.




Tip #3

Take note of details in the questions.

It is often easy to overlook small details that are important to the question.