During the June holidays, LiteracyPlus conducted holiday programmes for Kindergarten and Lower Primary students:

1. Ice Cream Delight

Sounds of laughter filled the corridor as children and adults mixed the ice cream ingredients, added their toppings and ate their delicious ice cream, right at the LiteracyPlus Enrichment Centre.

The Ice Cream Delight Holiday Programme was held over 2 Saturdays in June and saw 18 children and their parents learning about the history of ice cream and participating in making, designing and colouring their very own ice cream. Programme highlights below:

Ice Cream Delight June 2011

2. Dinosaurs & Volcanoes

The holiday programme introduced pupils to the world of dinosaurs and discusses why dinosaurs have become extinct. Children got to make models of dinosaurs and saw a ‘volcanic eruption’ right before their eyes! Check out the photos below: