For 17 years, LiteracyPlus has been a trusted provider of English Language and Literature programmes to schools islandwide. Our programmes have benefited more than 150,000 students in over 145 schools. At LiteracyPlus, we aim to transform your child into a confident reader, writer and speaker who is equipped for the future.

Our founder and principal, Mrs June Imada Lee, has taught pupils ranging from 5 to 17 years of age and specialises in developing curriculum in phonics, reading comprehension and writing. She is a certified Reading Specialist with a B.A. in English, an M.A. in Education, and holds a Kindergarten to Grade 12 Teaching Credential from the State of California, U.S.A. A Past-President of the Society for Reading & Literacy (Singapore), June believes in the words of Socrates which say that “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader


Reading exposes children to new ideas and dimensions of thinking, the perfect backdrop for multi-disciplinary learning in our globalised world. A unique component of our programmes is the use of award-winning children’s storybooks in our curriculum to captivate your child’s imagination and ignite your child’s love for the English Language. Your child may borrow these books at our Centre library. Check out these complimentary resources:

LiteracyPlus English Programmes for Preschoolers

To find out how LiteracyPlus can benefit your child, call us at 6777 2468 or send us an online enquiry here. Read more about our programmes below.

Reading Essentials Level 1 Programme (N2)

  • promotes reading through the use of classic and award-winning children’s storybooks
  • focuses on letter-sound recognition and blending to help beginning readers enjoy reading simple words and sentences
  • teaches concepts of print, story sequence, problem & solution and moral values
  • engages children through gamessimple crafts and Speech & Drama activities (role play and acting out fun rhymes, poems, songs)
Reading Essentials Level 2 Programme (K1)

  • promotes letter recognition and phonemic awareness of consonants, short and long vowels
  • reinforces reading skills through fun rhymes, poems, songs and interesting passages
  • engages pupils through Readers’ Theatregames and Speech & Drama activities
Head Start to P1 Programme (K2)
  • eases the transition from Kindergarten to Primary One
  • promotes phonemic awareness, blending and application of basic phonics rules (with an emphasis on word families) to help pupils become better decoders of text – or more fluent readers
  • teaches a variety of Reading Comprehension skills, Writing skills, Vocabulary and basic Grammar rules
  • allows pupils the opportunity to communicate expressively and to have fun engaging in Choral Reading and Readers’ Theatre
  • reinforces skills with attractive activity sheets, games and enrichment activities
  • nurtures a love for reading, writing and speaking in English