Led by an adult leader in each team, pupils went on an interesting experiential learning journey around Buona Vista, as they checked in at neighbourhood locations such as the wet market, post office, hawker centre, bank, supermarket and a medical clinic.

At all the stops, the participants had the opportunity to listen, read, speak or write as they moved through the stations. For example, at the Post Office, the pupils had to write a letter on a postcard on their experiences during The Amazing Race! and mail it to our Enrichment Centre.

Estelle, Triston and Jefferson, all in P4 this year, said their favourite station was the biscuit stall at the wet market. All the pupils had fun at the stall learning about the stallholder Uncle Kiat’s life story as they wrote about his life story and enjoyed the biscuit treats!

Check out the photo collage of the race below! Do stay tuned as we update our Facebook page with more photos and a video from the race.