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April 20, 2021

Maths Parent Workshop: What’s Constant? What’s Equal?

Learn more about mathematical concepts, language and common mistakes to avoid in this upcoming Maths Workshop!
April 15, 2021

June Holiday Programmes (2021)

Contemplating what to do during the month-long break? Why not check out our list of exciting programmes?
March 20, 2021

Speech & Drama: Speak Right! (Term 2)

Equip your preschool-going child with better oral skills to speak confidently!
March 10, 2021

2021 Class Schedule

Get ready for 2021! Vacancies are filling up fast!
March 2, 2021

Oral Skills Short Programme (April 2021)

Need help honing your child's oral communication skills? Look no further!
January 26, 2021

March Holiday English Programmes (2021)

Nowhere to go during the short school break? Why not join us for the week instead?
January 12, 2021

Secondary 1 Class Schedule

Let your child's secondary education be less daunting. Join us now to get a headstart in the secondary syllabus!
October 28, 2020

Year-End Holiday Programmes for 2020

Get a head start to 2021. Sign up for our year-end holiday programmes now!