Enhancing English Language Skills (EELS)

Primary 1 to Secondary 3


Personalised Learning

Small class sizes (up to 10 students) give students more individual attention. Based on a diagnostic test, we recommend classes that are most suitable for each child's current learning ability. We also organise Parent-Teacher Meetings to provide feedback on students' progress.

Comprehensive Exam Prep

Our lessons develop mastery of Reading and Writing skills, supported by a solid grounding in Grammar. Regular practice exercises and mock tests follow the latest MOE syllabus and thoroughly equip students to tackle all components of the school English exam.

Engaging Lessons

Through the use of fun activities and engaging multimedia, we bring English to life and promote discussion. Excerpts of quality children’s literature model good writing and encourage reading. Ultimately, our goal is to motivate learning and foster in students a love for English.

Key Components

Writing – Students learn key skills such as employing sentence variety and ensuring relevance of ideas. With each writing assignment, teachers use 3-Point Feedback to highlight students’ strengths and areas for improvement.

ReadingGuided Reading is used to facilitate students’ understanding of reading passages. Students are taught to identify question types and our BEAN it! strategy is used to extract answers from the passage with precision.

Speaking – During both class and individual Oral practice, the teacher gives specific feedback based on the exam rubric. Students are taught the mnemonics ACE and TREES to remember key exam strategies.

Grammar – Since grammar is the foundation for fluency in reading, writing and speaking, our curriculum includes mini-lessons where students learn grammar and Synthesis & Transformation rules and apply them in exercises.

Programmes by Level

  1. Introduction of basic Writing and Comprehension skills
  2. Scaffolded Writing where students gradually progress from sentences to paragraphs to full compositions
  3. Show & Tell, Reading Aloud and Stimulus-based Conversation for Oral
  4. More time devoted to Grammar to build a strong foundation in the language
  1. More advanced WritingComprehension and Oral skills
  2. Basic skills continue to be practised until they become second nature to students
  3. Synthesis & Transformation topics taught in addition to Grammar
  1. Focus on PSLE preparation
  2. Regular and timely practice in Writing, Comprehension, Grammar, Synthesis & Transformation, Oral, Situational Writing and Listening Comprehension
  3. PSLE Intensive course for P6 pupils in the June holidays
  1. Hones skills for writing texts for academic and functional purposes (e.g. Exposition, Informal Report, Formal Letter and Email)
  2. Introduces writing techniques for different text types (e.g. Narratives and Personal Recount)
  3. Prepares students for the new exam components of EditingVisual Text Comprehension and Summary Writing
  4. Teaches Grammar in conjunction with Editing exercises
  5. Improves Listening Comprehension and Oral Communication skills with regular practice
  6. Explores classic genres in Literature such as Tragedy and Comedy

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