Strategies to Excel in Mathematics (STEM)

Primary 3 to Primary 6


Focus on Word Problems

Lessons focus on increasing students' proficiency and confidence in tackling word problems, which make up 50% of the total marks in the PSLE Maths paper. This includes exposure to a variety of word problems, ranging from basic questions to higher-order, non-routine sums.

Conceptual Approach

Our curriculum is structured around problem-solving concepts that have been selected through the analysis of past-year PSLE and school exam papers. Students learn to identify problem type and use efficient methods and time-saving shortcuts to solve each problem.

Training Speed and Accuracy

Warm-up questions and speed exercises to help students sharpen essential computational skills. At the same time, they increase speed and accuracy in the completion of Multiple-Choice and Short-Answer questions, found in both Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Edna Wong

Head of Mathematics


The Mathematics curriculum at LiteracyPlus was developed by Edna, a former Head of Department who has taught in primary schools for over 15 years. Previously, she was attached to the Curriculum Planning and Development Division of MOE, writing school textbooks. Edna has vast experience in coaching students of varying abilities and has taught graduating classes for over 10 years. She is thrilled to be able to apply her extensive expertise in creating effective Mathematics programmes for LiteracyPlus.

Programmes by Level

  1. Curriculum in line with revised Maths syllabus
  2. Introduction of concepts to tackle word problems
  3. Students taught to recognise word problem types in order to apply the right concept
  4. Incorporation of regular review and practice modules
  5. Fun and engaging lessons using mental Maths activites, games and puzzles
  1. Focus on PSLE preparation using past PSLE questions
  2. Improves speed and accuracy in problem solving
  3. Trains mastery of concepts and the ability to identify word problem types
  4. PSLE Intensive course for P6 pupils in the June holidays

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