Reading Essentials & Head Start to Primary 1

Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2


Integrated Approach

While most preschools focus solely on phonics, teaching words in isolation, LiteracyPlus takes an integrated approach to building reading fluency. We combine phonics with sight word recognition, and teach words in the context of sentences, paragraphs, verse and storybooks.

Award-winning Picture Books

Our programmes feature award-winning storybooks accompanied by a variety of fun and engaging activities to foster a love for books and reading. Through reading aloud, shared reading and independent reading, pupils are given ample practice to improve reading confidence.

Preparation for Primary School

To ease the transition to Primary 1, we develop Oral Communication skills through speech and drama activities such as choral reading, poetry recitation and readers' theatre. In Kindergarten 2, pupils are taken through basic Comprehension exercises and simple Writing tasks.

Programmes by Level

Reading Essentials (Level 1)

  1. Cultivates a love for reading through the introduction of classic and award-winning storybooks
  2. Teaches Beginning Reading skills:
    • phonemic awareness – letter sounds, blending CVC words, word families, rhymes
    • concepts of print – that print has meaning (i.e. letters form words), reading left to right and top to bottom
    • echoing a simple text and retelling a story
    • reading simple texts with controlled vocabulary
  3. Engages pupils through fun games, craft activities and stimulating worksheets
  4. Parent handouts for reinforcement of key words at home

Reading Essentials (Level 2)

  1. Teaches Reading skills
    • phonics – letter sounds, blending CVC words and Silent ‘e’ words, onsets and rimes
    • words in the context of sentences, paragraphs, verse and storybooks
    • reinforcement through games and graded readers
  2. Develops Oral Communication skills
    • reading and presenting rhymes and poems
    • Readers’ Theatre
    • Speech & Drama activities
  3. Parent handouts for reinforcement of key words at home

Head Start to Primary 1

  1. Consolidates reading skills through phonics practice – blending and segmenting using word families
  2. Increased practice in reading sight words
  3. Basic Comprehension and Writing skills
  1. Continued teaching of Comprehension and Writing skills, along with introduction of Grammar
  2. Speech & Drama activities (choral reading, role play, Readers’ Theatre) to develop Oral Communication skills, an important component of the Primary 1 & 2 curriculum
  3. Exposure to a wide range of topics to expand vocabulary and general knowledge

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