Paraphrasing Strategies

#1   Mention the main idea

#2   Remove irrelevant details

#3   Structure it differently



Tip #1

Mention the main idea

Focus on stating the main idea in your own words.


The doctor involved in the cave rescue taught divers how to administer anaesthetics so they could sedate the boys mid-rescue.

Q: What role did the doctor play in the rescue?

A: He taught the divers how to use drugs to keep the boys calm.



Tip #2

Remove irrelevant details

Identify information that is directly relavant to answering the question and remove any irrelevant details in the sentence.


Kino defty slipped his knife into the edge of the shell, feeling the muscle tighten as he moved.



Tip #3

Structure it differently

Don’t let your Synthesis & Transformation skills go to waste! Use them to change the sentence structure (e.g. active to passive voice).


After three days of rescue efforts, on 10 July 2018, divers managed to safely extract all of the boys and their coach from the cave.

Q: What happened to the boys and the coach in the end?

A: All of them had been extracted safely from the caves by the divers.




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