Primary 2

When writing your answer for MCQ Comprehension:

  • Be sure to write only the number (e.g. 1, 2, 3 or 4) within the brackets.
  • Do NOT write the word to complete the answer.

When writing your answer for Open-Ended Comprehension:

  • Be sure to write in a complete sentence.
  • Use correct spelling.
  • Use correct punctuation.
  • Use the correct tense.
  • Make sure your subjects (nouns) and verbs (action words) agree.




Primary 3 & 4

3 Steps to Answering Reading Comprehension Questions


STEP 1: Read the text

Read the text carefully. If you are having problems understanding the text, read it in paragraph chunks and paint a picture of what you are reading in your mind.


STEP 2: Highlight key words in each question

Read each question for its key words. Key words would be:

  • question words (e.g. “Who”, “What”, “When”, “Where”, “Why” and “How”)
  • words that tell you the tense of the question

Highlight these key words.




Put brackets ( ) around the sentences in the passage that help you answer the questions. 




Write the number of the comprehension question next to the sentence in the passage that helps you answer that question. 




Primary 5

How do you tackle cloze tests?

  • Read the passage to get an overall idea of its story or topic.
  • Use what you know about the topic or ideas in the passage to generate answers.
  • Look for context clues around each blank.
    • Read forward and backwards.
    • Punctuation marks can also be used as clues, e.g. conjunctions often occur after commas.
  • Use your knowledge of grammar and sentence structure to figure out if the missing word is a/an:
    • noun
    • verb
    • adjective
    • adverb
    • preposition
    • conjunction
    • part of a phrasal verb or collocation
  • Generate as many possible answers as you can for each blank, then choose the most suitable one.