Combination Programmes

P1–P6 Enhancing English Language Skills (EELS)

  • Our most comprehensive programme
  • Reading Comprehension, Oral and Composition Writing
  • Skills and strategies for these major exam components, sufficient practice

I enjoyed playing the games. Our instructor was very clear in explaining the lessons to us.
Brandon, 4B
Maha Bodhi School

P6 EXCEL in the PSLE

  • Composition Writing, Reading Comprehension and Cloze
  • Lessons are organised by common themes that appear in exam papers
  • Differentiated materials for HP, MP & LP pupils

I liked this programme because I have learnt the use of the B.U.N. strategy for answering Reading Comprehension questions, as well as many useful writing skills. Our instructor was very helpful.
Nur Elysha, 6D 
Yangzheng Primary School

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