Title: Wemberly Worried

Author: Kevin Henkes

Range: Ages 5 – 8

Synopsis: In this delightful picture book, Wemberly joins other memorable mouse characters who deal successfully with realistic problems. As school begins, Wemberly, whose many worries range from playground safety to wondering if she’ll shrink in the bath, begins to worry about school. Happily, her concerns are put aside on the first day as she meets another child much like herself.

Note for Parents: Parents will find this book useful to show that we all have worries when facing new situations.



Title: Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster

Author: Debra Frasier

Range: Ages 8 -11

Synopsis: Sage, a fifth grader home with the flu, gets her vocabulary homework over the phone and misinterprets one of the words. She thinks it is Miss Alaineus. She invents a definition and draws a picture to go with it. She’s mortified when she realizes her mistake in class but overcomes her embarrassment in the annual vocabulary parade. The eye-catching illustrations were created from supplies the author found in her daughter’s school desk.

Note for Parents: The book contains clever ideas for teaching vocabulary and models good use of alliteration and word play. The humour makes it a great read-aloud for 8 to 11 year-olds.



Title: Kid’s Almanac of Geography

Author: Alice Siegel and Margo Mcloone

Range: Ages 11 – 14

Synopsis: This innovative geographical resource is filled with full-colour photos, maps, charts and graphs. The table of contents is easy to follow, and the facts are presented in a manner that encourages browsing just for fun. Chapters include information on unique animals, money, food, biomes, religions, languages and celebrations around the world.

Note for Parents: This book gives instant access for geographic questions. The special fact boxes and map-based entries reinforce geography concepts and map-reading skills.