The PSLE is drawing closer but there is no need to fear! The English, Maths and Oral Intensive programmes are an integral part of our efforts to help prepare Primary 6 children for this important exam.


P6 Oral Preparation (4-8 April / 20-24 June / 11-15 July, 5 lessons)

The Oral Intensive will run over 3 periods in the year. Each lesson is two hours. The programme will:

  • give pupils practice with Reading Aloud and Stimulus-based Conversation.
  • train pupils in the skill of giving personal responses on a variety of topics
  • cover pronunciation, volume, stress, intonation and expression.
  • mould pupils to become more confident and eloquent speakers.
  • involve fun exercises and active participation.

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P6 English Intensive (6-10 & 13-17 June, 10 lessons)

The English Intensive will take place over 2 weeks, Monday through Friday, 6-17 June. Each lesson is two hours. The programme is designed to:

  • deepen pupils’ understanding of grammar rules, particularly in Synthesis and Transformation.
  • teach pupils ways to score in Situational Writing and Visual Text Comprehension.
  • ingrain rules and strategies due to constant practice.
  • integrate learning with fun and stimualting activities.
  • help pupils improve their scores in Paper 1 (27.5%) and Paper 2 (47.5%).

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P6 Maths Intensive (6-10 June, 5 lessons)

The Maths Intensive will be conducted Monday through Friday, 6-10 June. Each lesson is two hours. The goal of the programme is to:

  • aid pupils in their revision of important concepts and topics learnt in both primary 5 and primary 6.
  • give pupils practice with past PSLE questions.
  • help pupils gain a competitive edge over their peers with the teaching of problem-solving concepts not taught in most schools.
  • immerse pupils in a fun and stimulating learning environment.

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Spaces are limited and prior registration is required. Call 6777 2468 or SIGN UP ONLINE today!