We had a fantastic end to the year as students broadened their horizons with the 2012 End-of-Year Holiday Programmes.

Check out the various programmes:

Holiday Programme Pictures
LitPlus Movie Night!
Fri, 9 Nov 12
7pm-930pmLitPlus featured the movie Babe, an adaptation of Dick King-Smith’s novel Babe: The Gallant Pig!

Students enjoyed the night with friends and popcorn! The night ended with a pop quiz on the movie!

P1/P2 Wild About Bugs!
Sat, 24 Nov 12
3pm-5pmStudents explored the world of creepy crawlies as they learnt about the characteristics of insects, their life cycles and the use of descriptive and comparative language.

Each child brought home a Malayan Eggfly caterpillar and for the brave ones, mealworms, to care for and observe them mature into butterflies and beetles respectively!

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P3/P4/P5 Garden in a Bottle
Sat, 17 Nov 12
3pm-5pmIn this hands-on workshop, students learnt about:

  • how to write instructional texts
  • how to write using the second-person point of view and time connectors (“first”, “second”, etc)
  • about the processes of photosynthesis and respiration

Each child got to bring home a self-made bottle garden!

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P3/P4 The Amazing Race!
Thurs, 29 Nov 12
9am-130pmCompeting in teams, with an adult leader, students engaged in experiential learning as they visited common locations such as the wet market, hawker centre, bank branch, medical clinic, post office and supermarket.

Through listening, reading, speaking and writing activities, they solved questions to move through stations.

Read more about The Amazing Race! here and watch the participants in action at this link.

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