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Proven Track Record
For the past 26 years, LiteracyPlus has been a trusted provider of enrichment programmes to more than 192,000 students in 197 schools and at our Enrichment Centre.

Experienced and Qualified Teachers
LiteracyPlus teachers are trained and tested professionals whose engaging lessons are in line with MOE practices.

Unleashing Each Child’s Potential
LiteracyPlus believes in the potential of our students. Our curriculum stretches their boundaries and takes learning beyond the classroom.

Unleashing Each Child's Potential

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Maths Programmes for
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Latest News

Centre Closure12345678

As of 4 Dec '21, we will no longer be conducting lessons at our centre @ Holland Drive 123456789123.

New better world after coronavirus COVID-19.

English Blog

How Can We Adapt to New Normals?12345678

2021 has been a year of disruptions. Here's how you can help your child learn to cope... 123456789123.

Our Student's Work - A Huge Mistake

English Resources

Student Composition - A Huge Mistake (Jamie Lee) 12345678

The two girls looked at each other as if they were lions about to fight over fresh meat. Cindy snatched the skirt from... (Click to read on!) 123456789123.

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Maths Resources

Maths Concepts: Equal Fractions

Concept: Equal Fractions 12345678901234567890123456789012345678

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